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Therapy Equipment for Children With Special Needs

The Tramble® ramp, scooter board, Nestibenches® and T-stool are therapy tools designed to engage children through active play. Outcomes of active play are enhanced balance, planning of movements, timing of movements, coordination, increased strength & fine motor development. Buckets under the chalkboard make a convenient storage place for crayons, chalk & small manipulatives. Use the chalkboard as an easel for drawing paper.

All products are finely handcrafted in the USA by an Amish woodworking shop. The wood is high quality Baltic birch. No tools are needed for height adjustments on the Tramble® or the T-stool. The Tramble® and Nestibenches® were designed with the need for saving space in the school or clinic setting. The Nestibenches® "nest for storage" and the Tramble® is easily taken apart; no tools are needed to remove the ramp from its base.


About Us

The Tramble Co. began in 1983 with one question from the founder, an occupational therapist, who was setting up an occupational therapy clinic. At the time, there were few resources for purchasing therapy equipment to promote sensory integration therapy.

Answer: NO ONE

The Tramble Co.'s first product was the TRAMBLE®, Tramble Co's first products was the Tramble, one piece of equipment with multiple applications.
The name describes the product: RAM = ramp; T_ _ _BLE = table.

The Tramble Co Logo

Every product is branded with the logo of the boy riding a scooter board down the ramp.


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